Pollution in London fatal


Everyone of us who has to walk, cycle, drive, breath in central London on a daily level will agree that something’s in the air. Those of us who have to drive for a living are the first victims of smog and pollution – at the same time, because our livelihood depends on the driving job, we might play down the problem. Cheer up London, it’s not that bad!

And then there are hypocritical politicians and bosses who introduce new regulations to ‘fight pollution’, which are mainly tax and money-grabbing schemes. They force people to buy newer cars (because that’s supposed to be better for the environment), ‘forgetting’ that one of the biggest polluter is the car industry which they want to subsidise with such schemes.

As drivers, the only thing we seem to be in control of are our handle-bars and steering wheels. We need money, we drive. Even if we know that it doesn’t make much sense in a social or environmental sense. Who the fuck in Mayfair or Kensington online-orders their posh little shopping on a Saturday night, so that it takes a driver three hours to deliver it, standing in traffic most of the time? Who wants a scooter driver to risk her or his life delivering the customer’s favourite sushi to their stockbrokers desk? What do most people produce or work on in central London anyway? Most of it will only be good for the money economy and pretty unnecessary for our material life and survival…



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  1. For London riders/drivers here’s some info on pollution levels on all the main roads. It’s based on old info so you can bet it’s got worse.




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